Her Jazz Noise Collective is a vancouver (coast salish territory) based anarcha-feminist network & affinity group created to encourage more women to play noise and experimental music. We share our skills through open jams, performances, workshops and organizing. In doing so, we aim to create supportive spaces for women to meet, play and be inspired by one another. We put on shows featuring mostly female artists, release recordings and collaborate with like minded people in other places. We host open jams for which no invite or experience is needed. Her Jazz is multifaceted entity, we are transgender inclusive and there are many different ways to be involved. This is not a band; it’s a radical, posi-core community interested in dialogue about equality, privilege, gender, power and personal experience.



Her Jazz Noise Collective functioned as a community, a social practice project and an intervention. Originally created as an attempt to expand the inclusivity of Vancouver’s Experimental/Noise scene, Her Jazz created space for female-identified people to experiment with sound, share skills and build relationships. HJNC hosted weekly open jams, workshops, performed locally and co-produced a 10-part performance series with VIVO Media Arts Center which featured “mostly women making mostly noise” and debuted over 20 different all-female sound projects. Their most recent performance was at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2010.

HJNC was founded by Aja Rose Bond (In Flux, Diadem) and Erin Ward (In Flux, Shearing Pinx, Les Beyond) in 2007 and organized by many different women over the years it was active including prOphecy sun, Aleigh Forsyth, Sidria Fancy Pony, Anju Singh (Ahna, Bleeder), Ella Collier, Larissa Loyva (Kellarissa, Fake Tears, Leviathans), Arlie Lax (Burrow Owl), Rachel Wadham (Attn. Diamond Shoppers), Aili Meutzner, Brady Marks (Furious Green Cloud, Therapy, Mel Mundell (Bush Tit), Jennifer Jones (Bush Tit), Sarah Buchanan (Therapy) and many others to varying degrees. The collective organized using a model of 3 concentric circles, with members placing themselves where they wanted to be at any given time: the core group organizing using consensus based decision making, the 2nd circle showing up for jams and to perform, the 3rd ring supporting and participating in other ways. Any female-identified person could show up to any open jam, play, join the group, help conceptualize a piece, rehearse and perform it. Occasionally a performance would be the concept of a single member and the other players would support their idea and perform it with them.

We are currently working on a compilation of recordings and writings about the project by former members and allies, some of which can be seen on this site on the PUBLICATION page. We intend to celebrate the completion of this project with a show in the imminent future.