This page is a humble placeholder for an ambitious publication project that is perhaps responsible for the end of the collective as we knew it! In April, 2010 we put out a call asking people to “TELL US WHAT YOU THINK OF US”. We wanted to compile “…any kind of writing, it doesn’t need to be ‘great’. If you want to write about shows you’ve seen, stories, anecdotes, hearsay, theory – it can all have a place in this compilation. Critical writing is especially welcome (we can take it), positive, negative & mixed, as long as it’s constructive.” We had hopes to make a gorgeous, screenprinted, stenciled, hand-bound masterpiece of DIY publishing with a double disc complilation of our greatest hits. Despite having played countless hours in our weekly open jams and having at least 20 improvised shows under our belts, we actually didn’t have very many recordings (many times we just forgot to hit the red button…). Still, the task was considerable and we decided we wouldn’t play any more shows until it was finished.

And we haven’t, and it still isn’t done. Not for lack of trying – many listening parties and meetings were had, trying to sort through the tracks and the writing. But life kept on keeping on – people had bands, babies, master degrees, art careers, jobs and other distractions to keep them more than busy. A lot of stuff is together and a lot of it is floating around in limbo. What we have so far is gathered here in the hopes that an ephemeral, digital home is better than none at all. It’s not the masterpiece we aspired to, but that’s just the way it goes, often. This project always did involve a lot of cat herding, but cats do what they want and they’ll likely come around…

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.

See writing by:

Gabriel Saloman

Frederick AKA Shagatha Crusty

Mirae Rosner


Allan MacInnis