Hello –

This is an invitation of sorts. Her Jazz Noise Collective is currently putting together a compilation of music we’ve made in the last 3 years as well as a collection of writing relating to Her Jazz, Feminism and Noise to be included as a zine.

We would love for the voices in the writing to be as diverse as possible and we welcome you – as someone in our extended community, an audience member, former or current collective participant – to contribute to this collection.

Any kind of writing is welcome & it doesn’t need to be ‘great’. If you want to write about shows you’ve seen, stories, anecdotes, hearsay, theory – it can all have a place in this compilation. Critical writing is especially welcome (we can take it), positive, negative & mixed, as long as it’s constructive.

What we are attempting to do is document Her Jazz as a social art/sound project from various perspectives. Since the collective formed in 2007, SO many people have come and gone, been involved in many different ways and there have been diverse reactions and responses. Our hope is to reflect some of that complexity through the contributions we’re able to collect.

There’s no minimum or max length – we will edit if necessary, in conversation with the writers. The deadline for submission is May 1st 2010. The end result will be a handmade, screenprinted double CDr with a zine in a limited edition of 200. Those who contribute writing will get one.

Send any questions, ideas, or finished writing to:


Thanks for everything,