So it’s time again for the continuation of our Women’s Studies series. It’s really exciting – especially now that we’ve had a break, a chance to get some perspective and some new inspiration. Another thing that’s really nice is that this time around we are a part of VIVO’s programming and are expanding a little further into other mediums besides sound.

This month’s line-up includes Ora Cogan, Square Root of Evil, a piece curated by Dance Troupe, DJ Vera and Her Jazz Noise Collective performing with a super 8 film by local artist Amber Dawn. Also featured at viewing stations around the room will be videos by Lief Hall, Asa Mori and possibly others.

The Doors open at 8pm, show starts around 9. Admission is $5 – 10 and people under 19 are free. This show in particular will feature pieces with mature content and will be introduced accordingly.

VIVO Media Arts Centre is located at 1965 Main st.